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Raw Garlic, Ginger and Cilantro Juice: The Hot Shot Tonic

Please note: It is highly recommended that an individual do a digestive system cleanse (commonly referred to as a colon cleanse) and some heavy metal cleansing before using things like hot shots. For those with detoxification issues, the ingredients in the shot will be way too strong and can cause serious detox reactions. People with stomach ulcers and problematic stomach problems should address those issues before using this hot shot formula.

We do have a basic colon cleanse/detox protocol as well as a heavy metal detox/cleanse.

This "hot shot" formula is a real work horse. Not only is it an amazing formulae in and of itself, but it will act as a carrier and bio-delivery system for other herbs or medicinal substances consumed before hand (such as additional circulatory herbs or anti-microbial tinctures/herbs). The hot shot will immediately start to turn up the heat throughout the entire body once placed in-mouth.

This tonic is a "turn it on and turn it up" digestive sytem tonic, systemic detoxifcation formula, and metabolic booster!

To use it is as a bio-chemical delivery system, take any herbal preperation or "medicine" ten to fifteen minutes before using the hot shot! Some people can use the hot shot on an empty stomach (as apposed to before a meal), but this isn't recommended for most people!

The raw garlic and the cayenne are two of the most powerful cardiovascular stimulating herbs in our herbal tool box. The sulfurous polyphenols in garlic help to turn on the body's own natural detoxification ability; it works to up-regulate gene expressions that are responsible for Phase 1 and Phase 2 detoxification.

The raw cilantro will immediately begin to chelate (pull out) heavy metals, especially from the brain. Individuals who have not done a full detox should have binders in place (like edible clay, micronized zeolite, etc.) to assist in the removal of any heavy metals circulating.

The cayenne will make absolutely certain that all the key nutrients work deep within the body. It is one of the-- if not the-- most powerful cardiovascular transporting herb out there... The formulae works even better if the hot shot is combined with hot and cold therapy, such as steam ozone sauna therapy, NIR/IR therapy, and cold plunges.

The black seed oil will help to temper, just a bit, the initial "bite" of the cayenne, and also acts to help stabilize digestive system function.

The raw ginger helps to soothe the stomach from all of the stimulating herbs we are using.

The apple cider vinegar stimulates digestion and increases absorption of some of the nutrients.

The only thing not included in the hot shot formula is Vitamin B for energy. The reason it is not included is that we don't want to include anything not natural (like a supplement), nor anything that contains sugar. Individuals are encouraged to be certain that the body has adequate vitamin B via meals or supplemenation.


In order to make the hot shot, a masticating juicer is required. This tutorial is "intermediate", and it is assumed that one is already familiar with how to use a juicer, and how to "package" and store/refrigerate juices. A single "screw" juicer is just fine. Of course, other kinds of juicers can be used, but most of them drastically increase oxidation and most of them add undesirable heat into the equation.

You also need 4 or 5 glass dropper bottles to hold the individual juices/tincture. Two ounce bottles will do.

Any individual that is sensitive to any of the ingredients below should skip this tutorial. Some dedicated individuals may slowly increase tolerance to these "hot" herbs by taking tiny amounts over an extended period of time to allow the body to adjust to use. The body needs to be conditioned/trained to be able to handle powerful herbal formulas.

Conditioning the body to tolerate powerful herbs is a very wise practice, even if you are generally in great health!

Ingredients Required

  • Raw Organic Garlic
  • Raw Organic Ginger: Two or Three Peices (enough juice to fill a 2 ounce dropper bottle)
  • Raw Organic Cilantro: One Bunch
  • Black Seed Oil (Nigella Sativa)
  • Organic Raw Apple Cider Vinegar
  • Cayenne Tincture

Organic Pure Cold Pressed Black Cumin Seed Oil - Finding high quality black seed oil is not easy. This particular brand should be considered "mediocre" which is acceptable for our purposes, especially considering the price point.
"Health Warriors" will want to get a higher quality product to use in addition to the brand above. We're still looking for the highest quality product; our current choice is this one. When making the hot shot, use an additional two droppers full of this much higher quality cold pressed Egyptian oil!

It is VERY important to get/make a medicinal grade cayenne pepper tincture. The best thing to do is to make a medicinal grade cayenne tincture yourself. The quality will be dozens to hundreds of times better. The minimum "quality" product should be Dr. Schulze' Cayenne tincture. However, please consider making your own! The power of this hot shot depends upon HIGH HEAT! Remember, the hot shot should feel very uncomfortable when placed in-mouth. It can only act as a systemic catalyst if the body gets a bit freaked out when you use it!

We currently make our cayenne tincture with a blend of Trinidad Scorpion and Carolina Reaper pepper pods purchased from We like to use the full pods rather than crushed or powdered peppers.

Here is a link to a .pdf document: Scoville Heat Scale Chart of Peppers and Extracts. You can reference this chart when deciding what peppers to purchase!


This tutorial assumes that you are already familiar with your juicer. Here are some important points:

  • Only juice enough of each to fill a two ounce dropper bottle.
  • Always refigerate the juices
  • For safety reasons, do not store fresh juice in the fridge for more than five days
  • It's best to use or discard juice after three days
  • Run the ginger through the juicer two or three times for best results!
  • Always sterilize equipment used and/or bottles before re-using

The hot shot uses the fresh juice of garlic, ginger, and cilantro. A cilantro and coriander seed tincture can be substituted, but fresh cilantro juice is ideal and works best. We realize that in some areas fresh cilantro just isn't an option.

For best results, juice the cilantro first, the garlic second, and the ginger last. If you juice the ginger first, leftoever ginger will contaminate the other juices, causing some of it to break down.

Preparing the Shot

The hot shot should only be prepared just prior to use. If you have to travel with a hot shot, you must keep the "juice" ingredients separate.

Right before use, in a shot glass, add (one "dropper full" is about 1/4 tsp.):

  • 1/4 - 1 teaspoonful of black seed oil
  • 5-40 DROPS of the cayenne tincture
  • 2 to 10 droppers full of the raw ginger juice
  • 1 to 11 droppers full of the raw cilantro juice (if you have no access to cilantro you can use 1 drop to 40 drops of cilantro tincture - FRESH JUICE IS IDEAL THOUGH)
  • 1 droppers full of the raw garlic juice
  • ~1 tsp. of the raw apple cider vinegar

With a formula like this, the idea is to get used to the base ingredients, and then increase the amount of "fire/heat" to the point where you are barely able to tolerate the effect when it is in your mouth. But, don't over do it! Too much cayenne can cause temporary, but crippling, migraine headaches. Ultimately this hot shot is designed as a healing formula, not a torture chamber in a shot glass. When the body adapts, it will love it!

One of the reasons we use a cayenne tincture instead of powder is that it is much easier to turn up the heat without over-doing it. Adjusting tincture use is extremely easy. It's easier to make mistakes with cayenne powder which can cause stomach upset.

Before use, briefly mix the hot shot by whisking the formulation with a bottle dropper or stir rod.

Remember, this formulation is made to consume immediately, before the ginger has an opportunity to start breaking things down, as well as to minimize oxidation.

Using the Hot Shot

This herbal formulation is designed to be ***held in the mouth*** for two to three minutes prior to swallowing! If necessary, you can add a little bit of water to dilute it, especially if you are not able to use the apple cider vinegar or the fresh cilantro juice. I highly recommend using fresh cilantro juice, because it truly balances out the formulation allowing it to (eventually) be actually quite tasty and enjoyable!

It is better to spit all of the tonic out rather than swallow it too soon. If you swallow it too soon, you risk doubling yourself over for about 10 minutes due to stomach cramping. The body MUST be allowed to "do its job" before swallowing the hot shot. Most of the prep work involves mixing the hot shot with an abundance of buffering saliva before swallowing.

And, yes, I have run across individuals that get amazing results who can't -- at least not during the first three days of use-- tolerate swallowing it. What happens? The body can start to purge heavy mucus that is built up in the respiratory tract (for example).

Listen to how your body responds, and act accordingly!

All ingredients may be adjusted (as noted above) to suit. Slowly increase the amount of (especially) the cayenne and the cilantro as your body adjusts to this formula.

Making this formula is quite a bit of work, so do it properly and don't be afraid to set your mouth on fire!


When first starting out with the hot shot, it is recommended to only use it once, and then wait for three days for the body to acclimate, especially if you are not accustomed to these kinds of stimulants!

While the body adjusts, the intestinal tract may "growl, spit, and complain". Rest assured that this is because the formula is doing its job!

Formulas such as this will, most likely, change from being "very hard to bear" to something your body actually craves and enjoys.

Using powerful bitter substances will work to actually change how your taste buds work. This process takes a little time; never be afraid to pause use for a period of time.

Please read this Weston Price Foundation article on bitters: Weston Price - Bitters. In our nutritional and detox program, we recommend using and/or making Swedish Bitters as a part of a "lesser" digestive system tonic. However, the "detox" stimulating principle remains the same for any and all bitter plants/substances.

Once your body is well adjusted to the hot shot, you can use it after every meal if convenient, or simply once daily.

In order to reach absolute maximum titration, 4 doses or "shots" are needed. However, four doses when using 11 droppers full of cilantro will equate to four times the detoxification effect; so be wise. When using 4 shots, start off ONLY using 3 droppers full of the cilantro per shot!

Above anything else this is a concept tutorial. It should be adjusted to your unique needs.

Individuals who have WELL adjusted to its use, who experience weak/lazy digestion, can use this formula to "shock" the body into producing more digestive juices.

1. Use the formula right after eating

2. After 15 minutes, if needed, give the body another "shot"!

3. Do this up to four times, one meal a day.

NOTE: The detox effect from this hot shot can last 3-4 days. Don't be a "hero" unless you are absolutely certain that your body is ready for it. The detox effects of using these formulations are cumulative, and the body will likely go through phases.

IF you have mercury in-mouth, or have recently had mercury amalgams removed, apply caution!

  • Watch for bags under the eyes when waking. Pause if necessary to allow the body to "catch up": Drink Water!
  • Watch for skin break outs. Pause if necessary to allow the body to "catch up"
  • If the digestive system becomes too warm/angry, pause use; take high quality probiotics.
  • Make sure that your "binders" are in place when using the hot shot
  • Using the hot shot should always be slightly uncomfortable.

Black Seed Oil

Read the following article documenting the anti-cancer properties of Black Seed Oil. Note that honey is also a good adjunct to use; it has a synergistic effect with black seed oil: Black seed oil anti-cancer effects.

Read Dr. Axe's article on black seed oil. Note that one of the bioactive phyto chemicals in black seed oil is Thymol, the same "plant chemical" found in Thyme. Please also note all of the digestive normalization benefits of its use, which is the "primary" reason for its inclusion in this formulation. Also, keep in mind that by combining it with cayenne, its effectiveness is increased. Dr. Axe's article.

View a brief history of use. Black seed oil is believed to be native to the Mediterranean region. Black seed oil history.

Garlic & Cilantro

Garlic is the key polyphenol rich herb we use to help up-regulate Phase 1 and Phase 2 detoxification. And yes, it must be fresh raw garlic!

In our heavy metal cleanse, we borrow heavily from two experts in the field: Dr. Klinghardt and Dr. Christopher Chase.

Read the following Klinghardt article, and simply focus on the parts regarding cilantro and garlic: Dr. Klinghardt article.

However, while Klinghardt utilizes garlic as a protective and antimicrobial agent, we are also taking a page out of Dr. Christopher Shade's "play book", and harnessing its potential to change gene expressions in the body; it's the sulfur rich polyphenols we are truly after!.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some people avoid using garlic: Isn't garlic toxic?

The power of garlic as a health-promoting food is due to the fact that garlic enacts a toxicity response in the body. Garlic itself, when used properly, doesn't actually cause harm in the body, even though the body reacts to it. In this way, garlic is a catalyst for detoxification.

I heard that you should avoid using cilantro because it chelates too much mercury. Is this true?

Cilantro is a perfect heavy metal chelating health food. A person with acute retention toxicity should only use it with proper guidance. Most people will not have any issues, although we do recommend that "at risk" individuals first do a digestive system cleanse and a basic heavy metal cleanse before moving on to things like herbal hot shots.

You call this the 'brain fog slayer". How does the hot shot work for brain fog?

Brain fog can have several different causes, and this formula helps address them all. Sometimes brain fog is caused by leaky gut (usually fungus in the bloodstream). The antimicrobials in the shot quickly help cleanse the bloodstream. Brain fog can be caused by heavy metal toxicity. Heavy metal cleansing often quickly eliminates brain fog (even in as little as 2-3 days in some cases). It can also be causes by various other cardiovascular/blood toxicity issues. The only great blood cleanser that you might want to add and use for liver/blood cleansing is lemon!

Why use a cayenne pepper tincture instead of ground pepper powder?

An alcohol and water extract/tincture has all active ingredients broken down and ready to go. There is no need for digestion, and there is no "timed release" that occurs with dried substances as they travel into the stomach, become hydrated, and go through pH changes (stomach acid/bile). When the saliva in the mouth mixes with the tincture, it will buffer all of the capsaicin (the active ingredients) before reaching the stomach (because the hot shot is held in-mouth). Furthermore, a tincture is much easier to work with. If you take the "hottest" tincture, and mix one drop into 30 ml of water, it might add a bit of flavor, but therre will be no bite. At the same time, if you take that one single drop, and place it on the tip of your tongue, you will likely seriously regret it for 15 to 20 minutes! This allows for a great deal of flexibility when using cayenne, as far as getting the heat perfect for each individual.

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