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How to Make a Natural and Effective Deodoerant
Dead Sea Salt, Colloidal Silver & Essential Oils

Tutorial on Making a Safe and Natural Aluminum Free Deodorant

Version 1.0 – Updated December 10th, 2017

Dr. Mist Natural Deodorant Spray


What follows is a highly effective natural, chemical free deodorant that is nearly free to make. If it is used exactly as instructed, it is effective enough to rival all of the chemical and aluminum filled retail products, although this is not an antiperspirant.

This is a generic variation of the Dr. Mist Deodarant Spray. Any interested individual can look up the reviews at One may even want to consider purchasing a sample to compare the effectiveness between the commercial and "home brew" version.

Why make the switch to a natural deodorant? There is mounting evidence that links heavy metal toxicity, especially bio-available aluminum, to spectrum disorders like autism, as well as degenerative chronic conditions such as Alzheimer's disease. Minimizing exposure to chemicals and heavy metals is a very good idea.

This basic formula is as simple as possible while still getting the job done. It is the only formulation that we have found that is actually effective when used as directed. The exact ingredients should be used for best results!

This formulation utilizes only three completely natural substances:

1. Dead Sea Salt - Simply purchase some high quality dead sea salt from your favorite bath salt company.

2. EIS - Colloidal Silver - Make or acquire a high quality EIS colloidal silver. Use an isolated silver solution as apposed to a silver compound. Most quality products are available at 10-15 PPM. We actually make a high quality isolated silver product that is about 47 PPM ionic silver, and 3 PPM nano particles. However, making a quality 50 PPM isolated silver requires special equipment.

3. Essential Oils - Choose one to three of your favorite essential oils to scent with. Choose organic if possible.

  • One will need a two ounce spray/spritzer bottle (high grade plastic is fine, so is glass)
  • 2 containers to work with
    • One container with a sealable lid to make a salt sole/brine (6 - 8 ounce is ideal)
    • One four ounce container to mix ingredients (a four ounce glass jar is fine, as is a larger container)
  • One will need one peice of equipment (just under $20.00): A salinity refractometer (link is to A salinity refractometer will allow one to achieve the required concentration of salt. It is very easy to use.

Salinity Refractometer
Salinity Refractometer


Basic DIY Tutorial

Make a Dead Sea Salt Sole/Brine using Colloidal Silver

First, make a dead sea salt sole (brine). A brine/sole is simply a fully saturated salt solution; water that is holding the maximum amount of dissolved salt.

The sea salt brine is to be made with "EIS" colloidal silver. The silver ions will react with the salts to form silver chloride. Silver chloride still has antimicrobial properties and other beneficial properties. This formula does not rely upon the silver to eliminate the microbes that feed off of sweat, so it is not an issue that the silver ions react with the salt.

To make the brine, simply fill a small (4 ounce, 6 ouce, 8 ounce) container about half way with dry dead sea salt. Then, fill the container 3/4 of the way full with colloidal silver. Mix well, or allow to set for 24 hours. When the colloidal silver "water" is fully saturated, there should still be some undissolved salt at the bottom of the container. If not, simply add some more dry sea salt.

Make a 40% Salt Saturated Solution

Next, fill another container (3-4 ounce container is perfect) with just under two ounces of colloidal silver. Add about 1/4 tsp of the completed salt brine to the new container of colloidal silver. Mix well.

Place a few drops of the new salt solution on the glass of the salinity refractometer, and close the plastic cover.



Look through the lens to determine the salinity. Keep adding small amounts of salt brine until a 40% salinity concentration is achieved. Adding more salt is not beneficial, 40% is the ideal concentration. If too much salt brine has been accidently added, simply add more colloidal silver until the 40% concentration is achieved.

Salinity Refractometer - Example Shown is 27% Salinity


Add all Ingredients

Place three to six drops of your favorite essential oil(s) in the two ounce spray/spritzer bottle. Then, add the finished salt solution to the bottle. Seal and shake well.

How to Use the Deodorant


1. Make sure that the arm pits are clean and dry.

2. Spray the arm pits with the deodorant.

3. Rub the deodorant in for about 30 seconds.

4. Allow the arm pits to completely dry before putting a shirt on. If a shirt is worn before the deodorant dries, and one begins to sweat even a small amount, the sweat can interfere with the deodorant. Once the deodorant dries, it turns into a very fine powder. After this occurs, sweat does not seem to interfere with the deodorant's effectiveness.


This formulation is actually an improvement on the "Dr. Mist" deodorant, due to the use of electrically isolated silver (ionic silver solution). It is not only efffective, but also very healthy for the skin.

Once an individual eliminates all bio-available aluminum exposure from the environment, it is a good idea to do two or three months of an aluminum detoxification program. One can do the basic heavy metal cleanse. In addition, however, one should research and consider the use of lithium orotate (once to twice daily, four to five days per week). This is a completely natural and non-toxic form of lithium that has been shown to pull aluminum from the brain, and has also been shown to significantly increase white brain matter.


Can I use another type of salt other than dead sea salt?

You can, but it may not be effective. Himalayan salt, for example, is not as effective.

Can I leave out the colloidal silver?

Yes. The original formulation does not include the use of silver, only the dead sea salt and water.

Do I have to use a salinity refractometer? Can't I use simple measurements?

There are too many variables to achieve an accurate 40% salinity solution without a refractometer. However, on average, it would take 1 3/4 teaspoonfuls of dead sea salt brine per two ounces of colloidal silver to achieve a 40% salinity solution.

Can I use other ingredients to make the formulation better?

Absolutely, this is simply the basic formula. For example, you can add some baking soda water. You can also add even more essential oils. You can add a bit of boric acid water. Just remember that you will reach a point where the ingredients will begin to act as a skin irritant. This effect is very individual. Some people will be able to tolerate a more potent formula than others. Therefore, first start with the basic formulation. Once you are comfortable using it, you can start to get creative.

Can I make a solid deodorant rather than a spray?

Yes. You can use high quality coconut oil as the base, rather than water/colloidal silver. You would have to field test the amounts of ingredients to use in order to achieve the most effective end product.

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